Sat 25 June 2022
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John Retallack Oxford Playwriting Course 2021/2022
Mon 4 Oct 2021 to Mon 13 Jun 2022
Oxford Playwriting is a programme of three Oxford-based writing courses for aspirant professional playwrights run by theatre director and Olivier award-winning playwright John Retallack. The programme is open to anyone over 18 with a passion and flair for writing. No academic qualification is required.

The course has three levels; Foundation, Intermediate and Advance and is open to writers to join for one year, two years or three years. The Advanced course is open only to writers who have completed one or two years of the Oxford Playwriting programme

For experienced writers from different fields who want to learn the craft of writing plays.
This course takes place on a weekly basis from 4 October 2021. Details here

For writers who have done the equivalent of the Foundation year and are ready to write a full-length play. This course takes place on a monthly basis from 15 October 2021. Details here

For highly motivated writers who have already written a full-length play and want to develop their creative work further. This course takes place on a monthly basis from 8 October 2021. Details here

Just four available places remaining across the three courses.

Interested in finding out more about the programme? Book a FREE 30-minute online consultation.


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South East England

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