Tue 22 June 2021
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Leeds Arts University launches new BA (Hons) in Creative Writing
Mon 2 Sep 2019 to Sat 31 Jul 2021
Offering an exciting new writing opportunity at the North’s only specialist arts university, the BA (Hons) in Creative Writing at Leeds Arts University has as its guiding philosophy to encourage and develop effective, literate, confident, flexible, diverse and imaginative writers well equipped for a Writing Life.

Students will be grounded in the study and understanding of language and the complexity of writing voices and writing audiences, supported by a thorough and integrated approach to social and cultural knowledge, a practical assessment of the marketplace for emerging writers, and an emphasis on developing critical thinking and awareness.

Students will have the opportunity to study, read and write poetry, the novel, short fiction, and scriptwriting, as well as more performative elements of creative writing including performance poetry, lyric writing, and particular elements of writing that empathise closely with the arts including writing for comics and zines, art journalism, writing for new media, event and performance writing and art blogging.

Students will complete the course with a tool kit of voices, approaches, methods and styles, an understanding of genre, and a respect for the wide range and variety of writing mediums. They will be encouraged to adopt a positive approach to the possibilities of further study at post-graduate level.

The arts and creative writing sector require a broad set of skills. The course will provide an understanding of writing contexts and will benefit from the institution’s already well-developed industry, commercial and artistic links, and its strong careers advisory provision. In addition, the knowledge and expertise and dynamism of new and existing creative courses can provide students with opportunities to develop skillsets required by these industries in the wider world.

“Our philosophy is to develop creative writing, respond critically to the world we live in, stand with courage by the writing we make, and make it count” (Karen Tobias-Green, Course Leader)

For further information, visit the Leeds Arts University website or email karen.tobias-green@leeds-art.ac.uk

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