Wed 24 July 2024
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Murder in the Citizens' Jury: A 25 minute dramatic monologue with Q&A
Mon 13 Nov 2023 to Mon 27 Nov 2023
Come along (virtually or in person) to the upcoming event: ‘Murder in the Citizens’ Jury’. This is a one-man play of 25 minutes performed by multi-award-winning actor, Jack Klaff (Star Wars and others). Drawing upon the tradition of ‘theatre-in -education’, the objective is to use the play to raise awareness of citizens’ assemblies. Free entry.

The play explores the ethical dilemma of the Director of Public Prosecutions who must decide whether to prosecute the murder. If he does so, he will alienate his family, and it will mean the end for citizens’ assemblies – a form of direct democracy which many believe could be the silver bullet to avert a climate crisis.

The Q&A provides an opportunity to learn more about citizens’ assemblies and debate some of the issues that arise, such as is it ever ok to break the law and what does justice mean when the victim is not a grieving relative but a 90% chance that action or inaction in regards to the climate crisis means this many percent of people will die.

Date: Saturday 11th November 2023, 15:00 - 16:00 GMT 
Location: University of Southampton Highfield Campus, Building 6, Room 1077, Southampton SO17 1BJ / This event will be live streamed from

Cost: Free but registration required.

Register via Eventbrite 

A performance is also scheduled for 25th April 2024.

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