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West Dean: Writing in nature with Mary Reynolds Thompson
Use diverse writing techniques including journalling, poetry, and creative non-fiction to explore the relationship between inner and outer landscapes. Learn how to creatively respond to nature using metaphor, and discover a greater sense of self and place in both your writing and walks.

On this course you will explore creative writing, poetry, and journal techniques that advance your understanding of the relationship between inner and outer nature.

Everything in the natural world is potentially symbolic and has the ability to reflect aspects of hidden forces (energies, patterns of behavior) within. When you engage nature's metaphors, you unearth wild and uncharted aspects of your own psyche, from which to explore greater authenticity and depth in your writing.

Each session will take you outside to explore a fresh aspect of the gardens and grounds. You will be invited to turn your attention both outward to the natural landscapes, but also inward, to how these places awaken and accentuate different feelings, memories, and qualities within you.

You will draw inspiration from writers like Mary Oliver, Wendell Berry, Terry Tempest Williams, Linda Hogan, and others.

You will also be introduced to a diverse range of journal techniques and learn how to use different ways to express what is important to you in the moment. You will discover how to use different styles of writing to explore the full range of your voice.

Part of the West Dean Summer School which includes a range of exciting special features.

Dates: 12 to 18 August 2019
Location: West Dean College of Arts and Conservation, West Dean, Chichester, West Sussex, PO18 0QZ
Course fee: £780

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