Sat 26 May 2018
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Word Factory Masterclass: Become a podcast star with Dave Lordan
Sat 20 May 2017 to Sat 20 May 2017
It is fast becoming a professional necessity for writers to have at least a basic knowledge of video and audio production for creative and promotional purposes

Writers willing to engage with multimedia – to make a poetry film perhaps, or a book trailer, or a podcast (three common examples out of multiple possibilities) – can dramatically increase the reach and audience for their work.

This seminar is an introduction to the basics of multimedia for writers who want to know how to get started in video and audio. It will answer key questions: what kind of equipment do I need and how much do they cost? Where can I find the best examples of literary multimedia online? Where can I learn more about video and audio production? How do I select samples of my work which are suitable for video and or audio? How do I promote and distribute my video and audio work?

There will also be a demonstration of video and audio equipment and software; an introduction to storyboarding and basic video editing and audio editing.

Aimed at beginners to audio and video production.

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