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Writing for Hollywood: Jumping the First Hurdle with James Bartlett
Thu 18 Nov 2010 to Thu 18 Nov 2010
This new London Film School 1-day course looks at the industry expectations and standards for scriptwriting, and tackles the challenges that new and established writers will face when sending scripts to Hollywood studios, producers and companies.
Thursday 18th November, 10am-5pm

In Hollywood, thousands of scripts land on the desks of producers, agents, actors and studio executives every day. So how can you be sure that yours makes it over the first hurdle?

By the end of the course you will be armed with the tools and knowledge to:

* Make your script more professional.
* Present yourself as an employable talent.
* Get yourself and your ideas noticed.

Course Outline

The morning session will take the form of a seminar, offering industry information and advice on how to make your script a more sellable product. Whether you’re entering a competition, applying for funding or sending off writing samples, it will help your script jump that first hurdle and get noticed by discussing the business of script reading, the differences between the US and UK film industries, and the best ways to break into the US market.

Most importantly it will discuss the mistakes screenwriters tend to make, and common errors that can be instant red-flags for a reader. You’ll be given guidance on simple-to-fix problems such as formatting, sluglines and transitions.

In the afternoon you will have the opportunity to pitch YOUR script when we discuss individual projects. There will also be a general discussion about agents, screenwriting awards, career advice, the marketing of your script and the real reality checks about working in Hollywood.

Fee: £120

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