Fri 17 August 2018
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Mentoring & Coaching
Nicola Morgan, author of acclaimed teenage fiction and internationally successful books about the teenage brain, aims to help other writers become published.

Morgan is so well known for the trenchant advice in her blog that she is the first Google result for the phrase "crabbit old bat".

Help! I Need a Publisher! ( has quickly become one of the most successful and respected publishing industry blogs in the UK. Morgan regularly speaks at the Edinburgh International Book Festival on the subject of how to become published.

With around 200,000 words of free advice on her blog, why has Morgan set up Pen2Publication? 'Free general advice is not always enough. The key is whether your book is good enough and has a market. To know that, it must be judged as objectively as possible by someone with knowledge of why publishers say yes or no. Getting published is hard and there are no guarantees, even for good writers, but there are many ways to ease the process and make your book more likely to be published.'

With over ninety books published and the wider experience gained from her former work as Chair of the Society of Authors in Scotland, Morgan is perfectly placed to help. But she also has a group of colleagues covering other genres and can pass work to them. 'I've had a remarkable response from experienced professionals with fantastic publishing credentials, so I know I can offer a really good market-aware service for talented writers.'
Pen2Publication offers manuscript appraisals, help with submissions, advice at all levels, writing surgery and tuition, and events. Details at

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