Wed 21 February 2024
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Writing in Education - Vol. 66 - Ed. Green

In this issue:

Biromums and Birobites
Anna Morvern reflects on two writing projects with a prison in Northern Ireland.
Collaborative Playwriting on Text-Based Creative Writing Courses
Lucy Tyler describes two projects at the University of Gloucestershire.
Finding Inspiration in Archives and Special Collections
Emma Filtness and Katie Flanagan give an account of their work at Brunel University.
Good sport at his making
Geoff Ridden offers an example of how the rehearsal process shapes text and performance.
How do I choose a university course?
Carl Tighe offers a brief guide for candidates, teachers and careers advisers.
How to love verbs in the passive, etc.
Robert Hull explains how to learn the English you don’t need to know in order to teach the English you have to.
Mean Girls Memes and Kardashian Quotes
Amy Mackleden puts forward pop culture as a source of inspiration in the Creative Writing classroom.
Steps to Group Lyric Writing
Chris Speyer describes his work with primary school pupils.
Teaching Creative Writing in Kurdistan
Muli Amaye recounts the challenges experienced when working with students in northern Iraq.
The Writer’s Quest
Kevan Manwaring uses Beowulf as his creative template.
Using Verbatim in Poetry
Sophie-Louise Hyde explores the use of raw, “non-poetic” material.
Writing Rhymed Poems
Paul Francis makes the case for satisfying students’ appetite for what teachers tend to avoid.

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