Wed 21 February 2024
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Writing in Education - Vol. 76 - Paper Nations

In this issue:

Creative writing with vulnerable, disadvantaged and marginalized young people
Lucy Sweetman offers some headlines.
Dare to Write?
Bambo Soyinka presents the briefing paper for this interactive resource.
Distances are short but thought is long
Jean Atkin gives an account of her work as freelance practioner in the West Midlands.
Fifteen lessons from nine years of teaching
Cindy Frenkel shares her experience as a writer in schools and colleges in the US.
Folding paper, opening words
Jenifer Smith and Emily Rowe exchange thoughts about their practice.
More than 100 stories
Sarah Butler reflects on collaboration, creative criticality and context.
Paper Nations – The case studies
Lucy Sweetman introduces the various research projects, with co-authors Bambo Soyinka, Colin Brown, Hazel Plowman, Lynne Taylor and Chris Vick.
Poetry and recycling
Pam Thompson describes her workshop making use of other people’s texts.
Serendipitous side-effects
Lizzie Dunford considers the therapeutic potential of writing poetry in a sixth form creative writing class.
Sowing a seed
Liz Pike describes her journey as a writer in schools.
Take a lemon
Janine Amos writes about inspiring creative writing through objects.
The Paper Nations Benchmark for Creative Writers and Writer-Facilitators
Final consultation draft.
Writing rules in tomorrow’s schools
Judy Waite describes her work with Year 5 pupils.
Writing the self
Sarah Penny introduces expressive art therapies in the undergraduate Creative Writing degree at Brunel University.

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