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Writing Crime Fiction
Sun 20 Sep 2015 to Fri 25 Sep 2015
Every author needs some space and time to think, write and construct, away from the everyday distractions

This workshop and retreat offers you a blend of expert coaching, the camaraderie of fellow writers and creative solitude. 

Okay, so you've had the the idea for a crime novel bubbling away for a while; you have the bare bones, the cast and possibly a start, middle and end (not necessarily in that order....).  Now you need to flesh out your work, get to grips with the plot and write from a position of knowledge and credibility.

The course will be facilitated by an accredited Senior Investigating Officer (SIO) who will introduce you to some of the considerations and responsibilities incumbent upon this role. The SIO is reliant upon a team of experts and you will have access to an experienced Crime Scene Investigator (CSI), and a leading Telecomm Intelligence Officer and Digital Media Investigator. They will lead workshops enabling you to understand the technicalities, complexities and legal procedures involved in a major crime investigation - giving you the confidence to write with creative authenticity.

Alongside law enforcement experts, you will also look at the pace and tone of your writing, how to maintain a cohesive narrative and the editing process with an Editorial Consultant and Freelance Writer.                                                                     

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