Wed 22 May 2024
Code of Conduct
NAWE aims to put creativity at the heart of education. NAWE is a charity funded largely by its members fees and donations.
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Code of Conduct
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Code of Conduct

NAWE members are expected to adopt the highest standards of integrity. No member shall act in a manner detrimental to the interests of NAWE or other members of NAWE. Abiding by this Code is essential for membership in the NAWE:

Members agree to:

  • Support NAWE’s work to advance the professional standards of all writers in education
  • Act with loyalty and respect for confidentiality, avoiding conflicts of interest and activities for personal advantage
  • Ensure, to the best of their abilities, that interactions between employees, suppliers, clients and volunteers are fair, free of discrimination and harassment
  • Engage in lasting professional development to further their competence as writers
  • Inform NAWE of any member who may have acted in contravention of this Code