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Writing and Public Art

In the autumn of 2009 NAWE commissioned writers Sarah Butler and Linda France to run a seminar for members on how writers can work in the public art field. The timing was not ideal for members as our conference had just taken place, so the event has been translated into web based material accessible to all. This resource has been created to encourage writers to explore the field for themselves. It includes an introduction on how to find work, approach partners, contacts to see what else is being done in this area and a comprehensive bibliography.

The collection of images from Linda France helps bring this work to life, and can be used to begin to develop your own approaches to collaborations. The images could spark ideas about a range of visual arts materials, your own use of text and styles etc, or be used to share with potential partners as a way of sparking ideas. Linda France encourages you to create your own image bank of material to inspire projects in the future, as every writer will have their individual style and taste in this developing area of work.  Anne Caldwell, Programme Manager, NAWE

You can also access articles about work in this field in the NAWE Magazine:

Almost An Island? Sarah Butler explores the Greenwich Peninsula in words and sound.