Wed 24 July 2024
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Writing and Regeneration

Sarah Butler has created a web resource, A Place For Words, which explores the potential for writing-based projects that meaningfully engage with the process of regeneration and place-making.

The site includes practical advice on running projects, critical thinking about the value of writing-based work in this area, and case studies of existing projects from across the UK.

A Place For Words has been created by the literature consultancy UrbanWords, with funding from Arts Council England. It is intended as a starting point, the beginning of a conversation about the role creative writers can play in the regeneration of our towns and cities. It is not a paint-by-numbers instruction manual, but it does aim to showcase good practice and give practical tips and suggestions for successful projects. Visitors are invited to add their own thoughts and ideas via the blog.

Urban Words is a literature consultancy with an interest in urban change and development. It believes that place is inextricably linked with people; that in order to plan and develop successful places we need to engage meaningfully with the people who are living, working and visiting there, and that creative writers are in a unique and exciting position to facilitate this process.
Place for Words

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Briefing Document
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